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Parent Booster Club

The AS-1 PBC is a booster club for All Star One cheerleaders, supporting all amateur athletes at our location. Every member must pay annually a minimal administrative fee of $35 per cheerleader.  The PBC is a non-profit organization [application pending for a tax-exempt identification number from the IRS under Section 501(c)(3)].
The PBC provides financial support to the cheerleaders for training expenses, equipment, competitions, camps and uniforms.  The PBC also provides moral support by demonstrating team spirit and dedication.
The appointed board members meet monthly, or on an as needed basis, time, date, and place to be determined.  PBC general membership will meet as deemed necessary by the board, notification of which will be posted on the website.

The PBC helps defray costs associated with athletic training with many fundraisers throughout the year. Each cheerleader who participates in a fundraiser has an individual fundraising account. Statements of account balances are available upon request. If the cheerleader wishes to use funds in his/her account to offset expenses, a voucher must be submitted to the gym. If a cheerleader leaves the gym, all funds in the individual account are forfeited.
The administrative fee associated with membership will be collected from new members upon joining, and is due  every year for existing members. The fee goes into the general fund and covers operating expenses. The purpose of this association is to exclusively foster national amateur cheerleading competition, and to primarily conduct national competition in cheerleading and to support and develop amateur athletes for that competition.

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